Review of Mini Pu'erh Tea Bar

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The aroma a great blend of sweetness, wet leather, peat, forest floor, and a touch of that slightly metallic market place aroma that I have come to love in ripe pu erh.

The first impressions of the first steep, dense. Not in a 'this is a tea that is not passing its physics class' but more like 'this forest is very dense and heavy' kinda way. It fills up the mouth with the taste of loam, sweet wet pine wood, and a bit of the acrid peat. There is a tiny finish of smoke that ties the sipping off nicely, completing the forest aesthetic.

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SarsyPie wrote:
on May 9th, 2014

Great review!

I just ordered this the other day, so I'm looking forward to trying it!

Amanda wrote:
on May 9th, 2014

Exciting! I hope you enjoy it :)

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