Review of Fruit Medley (Fruit Sangria)

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A fruity blend with strawberry as the dominant aroma. I normally don't like these blends, but I thought this one pretty exceptional. The dry leaf didn't impress me, but once it was brewed up, it was a pleasure to drink, and wonderfully aromatic.

Just like I'd expect, produces a rich, deep red color, less purplish than some fruity blends. Thankfully, not too sour...there's only a slight tanginess in the flavor. The sourness comes out most in the finish, towards the bottom of the cup.

Very aromatic, and the aroma is both fruity and floral. It has a sort of perfumey quality. Strawberry dominates the aroma, and the strawberry smells surprisingly natural. This is impressive to me: most of the time, when strawberry is blended into tea, I find it smells artificial to me. Besides the strawberry, I can't discern other specific ingredients, but I found the aroma complex and interesting.

The flavor was clean and pleasant.

I drank this hot, but I think it would work well iced as well. I'm impressed that it was as enjoyable as it was, hot.

Price is very reasonable as well. I highly recommend this one; it's my favorite caffeine-free fruity herbal tea blend yet.

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