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Thanks E. Alex Gerster for this sample! The leaf looks dark in color, but smells greener or lighter-roasted.

Brews up a dark amber color, lighter than I expected, with a greener character. Flavor is crisp, with a little bitterness or bite. There's only a light roast evident in the aroma when drinking, and there are a hint of some clean vegetal notes.

A little on the thin-bodied side though. Good; I'd recommend this one for people who find most hojicha a bit too mellow and want something that retains more of the crispness or briskness of unroasted green teas. Not as good for people who want that really rich roasty aroma.

I thought this was pricey, especially for the 1.5 ounce size--that's not much tea for $6. Compare to Yamamotoyama's, which I actually prefer by taste. The 8oz size is a little more reasonable.

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