Tea: Chocolate Bananas Foster

An Herbal Tea from Teavana

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Chocolate Bananas Foster
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Chocolate Bananas Foster

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I'm torn about this one. The aroma has an artificial, unpleasant note, but the tea actually tastes pretty good.

I brewed twice as much tea as was recommended based on feedback from other tea drinkers. I also added a little rock sugar. I think this is a decent dessert tea. It tastes like nutty bananas, but I don't get any chocolate here. Still not bad!

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Lisa Lafferty wrote:
on May 22nd, 2014

This sounds really interesting! I've been on the fence about buying and trying a chocolate tea, do you have any recommendations?

SarsyPie wrote:
on May 22nd, 2014

As a matter of fact, I do! I'm kind of new to the world of teas, but I have 2 suggestions for you.

This tea has a lovely cocoa flavor. I really love it!

Also, this one has a stronger chocolate flavor.

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