Review of Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe

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Super. This tea is just excellent!

I like finding finer teas that do well with a Western-style brewing. I admit that I tend toward laziness, and there's just no time in the AM to pull out the gong fu set. While I expect that this tea would potentially be even more amazing brewed with short steeps, it was also wonderful with one longer steep in the french press.

The aroma was nutty and roasty. It had a very smooth taste, and I was a little sad when the cup was finished, since I didn't bring any of this particular loose tea to work. I will get around to trying this gong fu style, but I think I'll also bring some to work and try it grandpa style tomorrow. It had zero bitterness and I think it would be a good, non fussy tea for work.

Edit 5/29/14 Ehrmagerd! I made this as an overnight cold brew in the fridge and I'm so happy I tried that. I normally save that method for flavored black teas, but this tea shines even with cold water. Is there anything this tea can't do? I'm going to need to buy more of this, and I also need to try more Big Red Robe teas. Two thumbs up. If I had an extra thumb, I'd throw that one in there, too.

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Kmidst wrote:
on November 15th, 2014

Da Hong Pao is currently my favorite style of tea :) Thanks for the review, I'll have to try this one. You might want to check out Life in Teacup, they have a great Da Hong Pao. Also, kudos on being vegan. I am too, and it's tough sometimes but it's for a good cause.

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