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An Earl Grey Tea from Red Rose Tea

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Brand:Red Rose Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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A very citrusy Earl Grey, surprisingly good for an inexpensive tea bag, and I think the best I've tried yet from Red Rose.

The tea bag smells of lemon and orange, and has visible bits of citrus peel.

Brewing for 3 minutes with boiling water, produces a rich, malty cup. The bergamot flavoring blends into the other citrus, and I think I notice orange most of all, with lemon taking second place and the bergamot last.

The base tea tastes like a classic British-style Ceylon, a little malty, but refreshing like the description claims.

Very inexpensive. In this price range, 40 tea bags for under $4, this is solidly less than most mainstream tea brands of Earl Grey tea bags on the market. Although I'll always prefer loose-leaf, I think this gives Twinings a run for its money, especially with the inclusion of real citrus peel. My only complaint is that it was too lemony for me, especially upon drinking more of the cup. I prefer (and expect) Bergamot to lemon and orange in an Earl Grey. That said, this was decently-executed.

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