Review of Black Cherry Berry Herb Tea

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Great flavor. I prefer the Raspberry Zinger over this, but it's still a nice option. The aroma is its strong suit and the dark, burgundy color absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't really taste like black cherries though. I also can't seem to figure out if the aftertaste is good or not.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on May 30th, 2014

I have yet to try any tea that replicates the cherry flavor in a way that I actually like. Some fruits, like orange, I think are easily captured in flavored teas through extracts or dried fruit or peel pieces.

I love cherries, but perhaps I was spoiled by having cherry trees in my back yards two of the places I lived. The teas that supposedly taste like cherry don't ever seem to do it for me.

Growing up, our yard had a sour cherry tree, and the cherries were tart and had a nutty quality, almost like almonds. Later, I lived in Delaware for 4 years and there I had a wild black cherry tree in my back yard, not the bing cherries you get at the store, but the native cherry tree, the little black ones that are dark and very rich tasting, very pungent, almost a little like black currants. I miss those too.

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