Tea: Tsuei Luan

An Oolong Tea from Tea From Taiwan

Picture of Tsuei Luan
Brand:Tea From Taiwan
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Nantou, Taiwan
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Review of Tsuei Luan

7 of 104 of 53 of 573 of 100
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Method: 1.5 tsp, 182 degrees, grandpa style

Dry Leaf Aroma: lightly floral with a hint of seaweed

Brewing Aroma: The seaweed is gone, and there's a very quiet floral scent. I can also detect what smells like a buttered spinach.

Flavor: This tea has a very pleasant mouthfeel, soft and buttery, with minimal astringency. The buttery spinach comes through in the flavor, also. There are some indeterminate florals, but none of the fruits from the description. The tea doesn't taste bitter, but I wouldn't call it sweet either. I think mellow is a good word.

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