Review of Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin

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Hello, Gorgeous! This is a freshly picked (May 2014) bright green-leafed aromatic wonder.

Method: 1 tbsp, 200 degrees, grandpa style

Dry Leaf Aroma: Smells *strongly* of honeysuckle and jasmine. Wow.

Brewing Aroma: In the brewing tea, the honeysuckle takes center stage. I can detect a lightly spicy note, like black pepper.

Flavor: Honeysuckle. The liquid is very light and lacks thickness. I'm sure there's a specific tea word to describe that, but I'll look it up later. I am busy enjoying my tea right now. In any event, the sensation is not unpleasant. The tea is still very hot, but I keep trying to drink it because it's so good. As it is cooling, the liquid starts to feel a bit thicker.

When I drink a tea like this, I wonder why anyone would bother to scent teas using flowers.

Glad I'm alone right now. I think I may be drooling.

This is a perfect spring tea. Coincidentally, honeysuckle started blooming in my yard recently. I was just thinking that I'd like to make a honeysuckle wine this year. After trying this tea, I am even more inspired to do so. If the wine smells and tastes anything like this tea, it will be a huge hit!

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