Tea: Special Gunpowder

A Gunpowder Green Tea from Temple of Heaven

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Brand:Temple of Heaven
Style:Gunpowder Green Tea
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Review of Special Gunpowder

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The scent is very muted, but once you take a sip the flavor is pleasant and of good strength. It's definitely got a vegetal, almost savory feel to it, yet it isn't bitter at all. I like the taste and think it would pair it well with meals. It's quite good on its own, too. I haven't tried too many Chinese teas, but gunpowder seems to be a good one for me. :-)

Note: It's loose leaf, but comes in a box lined with a paper wrapper. I highly recommend transferring the tea to an airtight container after unwrapping the box from the clear plastic around it.

The box is very full, so you get plenty for your money. :-)

Update: I made a batch of sweetened ice tea with this and found absolutely lovely. You don't need a ton of sugar for it to really jump out as a flavor, but when it's cold it works really well. This is totally going to be my summer tea!

That said, it's *very* easy to overdo the sugar when the tea is hot. I don't think it needs any, but if you usually use sugar I'd suggest using less than you normally do.

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