Review of River Song (Signature Blend)

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Method: 1.5 tsp, 8 oz, 205 degrees, 5 minutes, Forlife brew in mug steeper, Dr. Who mug (duh)

Dry Leaf Aroma: Smells like earl grey

Brewing Aroma: Bergamot and cream

Flavor: Maybe I just don't like bergamot in tea anymore. The bergamot is certainly present, but very mild. I expected to like this MORE than regular earl greys, but I just found the bergamot to be off-putting.

I also made this as a cold brew, and liked it much better.

As a tea, a person who likes earl greys should appreciate this one. I didn't find it to be very River Song-ish. A fandom blend for the notorious River Song should be spicy, IMO!

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