Review of Darjeeling Makaibari

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A classic Darjeeling, a typical but great-quality example of this region's tea. Rich-colored but light-bodied and mild for a black tea, with a aroma that somehow manages to be both strong and delicate.

Initially sampled at the Tea Lab storefront in Lakewood, Ohio. I then purchased some (for a very reasonable price) and brewed it up several times at home.

I love Makaibari estate and I've now tried its teas from many different retailers. This batch, mixed flush, broken-leaf orthodox tea, reminded me most of the stuff sold by Hampstead tea.

Aroma is complex, with nuances of grape, sweet rice, autumn leaves, spice, and flowers. The dominant note in the aroma is the fruity mucatel grape quality that Darjeelings are famous for.

The broken leaf nature of this tea makes it infuse a little on the fast side...if you want to make a second steeping I recommend making the first cup short (no more than 3 minutes, fewer is probably better) or else the second cup will be bland.

Smooth flavor, exceptionally smooth I'd say for a tea in this price range. There's just a slight astringency, less than I usually expect for Darjeeling. Flavor is subdued, only slightly bitter. I actually might prefer more bitterness and astringency because it would make a more full-bodied cup.

Very pleasant to drink, and great price, I think it was around $3 an ounce and, unlike Teavana, they sell this sizes as small as 1 ounce.

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