Tea: Ancient Emerald Lily

A Green Tea from Rishi Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Ancient Emerald Lily
Brand:Rishi Tea
Style:Green Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
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Review of Ancient Emerald Lily

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This is the most complex, multifaceted tea that I've tried in a very long time.

Purchased in a whole foods in the relatively new bulk tea section.

Dry leaf is beautiful, intact, and consists of irregularly curved, wiry leaf with both silvery and olive green parts. The dry leaf is strongly aromatic, with a fruity, spicy, and herbal quality suggesting potpourri.

Upon brewing, this tea becomes rich in color, and an aroma wafts up from the cup that reminds me of some other Yunnan green teas I've tried, including ones from Wild Tea Qi.

The aroma is very complex and has a lot going on in it. One moment, it is creamy and suggests vanilla and caramel. Another moment it is suggesting asparagus and thyme. Yet another moment it is ethereally fruity, almost suggesting fruit loops. It is also floral, honey-like, and sometimes lemony. Still more, I also detect licorice or anise, and kalamata olive. A pungest, spicy quality comes out in the finish, suggesting green or pink peppercorns.

Flavor is initially muted, but very rich. There's a pleasant bitterness, and there's also a sweetness and moderate tanginess. Lightly astringent on the palate, just enough to make the tea rich and full bodied, while still being smooth.

Easy to brew multiple times. With Rishi's recommended initial steep of 5-6 minutes, you can easily get a second cup but I find if you want to make three or more cups, it is best to use shorter steeps.

Good price for a tea of this quality. I enjoyed it greatly, but it wasn't an all-time favorite for me. I recommend this one especially to people who like Yunnan green teas, and teas with a lot of different things going on in the aroma.

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