Review of Lung Ching (Lungching) Green Tea

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This is the first dragon well tea I've tried and, based on my experience, I really must try more. There is an undertone of baked flavor, but I like it and think it compliments the tea well. It adds complexity without becoming dominant.

I brewed this at 175 °F for 3 minutes. Interestingly, the appearance changed notably between my first cup and my second, though I hadn't rebrewed it. I had brewed enough for about two cups but only poured one, leaving the tea in the kettle set to stay warm. The first cup was a light yellow with a green tinge, while the second cup was a slightly darker yellow with a ginger tinge. The flavor didn't change too much, though.

A very solid green tea. I couldn't find price information on the web page, so I gave the value my default when in doubt: a 3.

Update: I tried this one another time with carrot cake and really enjoyed it. I think, oddly enough, that my tea at home turns out better when I use unfiltered tap water. (Normally I used filtered water.) I found it both satisfying and meditative. Very nice tea.

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