Tea: Special Blend with Earl Grey

An Earl Grey Tea from Ahmad Tea

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Brand:Ahmad Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Special Blend with Earl Grey

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This is another exceptional loose-leaf black tea from Ahmad, strong, and sold for an exceptionally reasonable price. Thank you Emily for sharing this one with me!

This seems to be either a black tea blend very lightly-scented with bergamot, or a blend of unflavored black teas with a bit of Earl grey: it has a faint suggestion of bergamot, emerging and then vanishing, but the overall experience is more like drinking a straight black tea. Excellent if you enjoy Earl Grey but don't want the flavoring overdone, and really want to taste the base tea.

The base tea is rich and malty, full-bodied, and potent. It strikes me as similar to the Ceylon but perhaps a bit maltier and with a warmer, and less cool character.

I can see this being an every-day drinking tea. It's excellent in the morning as well as the afternoon. I also think this tea could appeal to people with a broad range of tastes, although it's definitely a strong tea, with a fair amount of bitterness and astringency, so I would recommend it only to people who want a robust cup. That said, this may be my new second-favorite from Ahmad (I still think I prefer the straight Ceylon, that tea is absolutely unbeatable in its price range).

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