Review of 2005 Jing Mai Autumnal

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Very interesting tea! A bit pricey, based on the website and their recommendation of using 2 teaspoons worth for a cup, but good quality. I detected an undertone of raisins with a hint of a spice I wouldn't be able to name. It tasted really very good at the beginning. Later in the morning it developed a bitter flavor, though I think that was because a leaf had been left in the tea. So I would recommend getting absolutely every leaf out of the tea after steeping, or drinking it relatively quickly.

I got two good cups out of it. The third cup wasn't bad but had a much more subdued flavor.

TIP: Tiny bits of this tea make it into the cup. To prevent these from making the tea go bitter, I recommend straining it with a particularly fine meshed strainer once or twice.

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