Tea: English Breakfast

An English Breakfast from Bare Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Bare Tea
Style:English Breakfast
Region:Anhui, China
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Review of English Breakfast

6 of 104 of 53 of 567 of 100

Tried this one while on the go using a travel tea mug. I'll have to give it a proper tasting later, at home, but so far I'm pleasantly surprised! More subdued than most black teas, and not bitter at all (though I also made a point to steep it briefly).

Update: Okay, I got to try this again at work. It's definitely a smoother, more mellow version of black tea than most. If it was the only thing around on any given day, I'd be satisfied just fine with it. It's not dazzling in flavor, but it's very solid. People who aren't normally into black teas due to the potential bitterness should certainly give this one a try.

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