Tea: Dragon Pearl Jasmine

A Jasmine Pearls from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Jasmine Pearls
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Dragon Pearl Jasmine

9 of 105 of 53 of 587 of 100

Excellent jasmine pearl! Very smooth. I tend to get tired of jasmine teas where the jasmine dominates too much, so I was happy that this one was well balanced. The tea I had was in a sachet rather than loose, but the sachet was very airy and was very full of tea. When I've had loose pearls like this before, I've used only 5 and been happy with my cup. This used probably double that number. (I should have counted, but was in a hurry.) Once the tea expanded, it completely filled the rather spacious bag. This allowed for the brewing of a decently flavorful tea that stood up well to at least three brewings.

Also, I steeped it for several (uncounted) minutes, yet didn't have a problem with bitterness, so for me it was a fairly easy cup to brew. I should point out that this was made using the filtered hot water at work, and so perhaps was a lower temperature than people would use at home. However, I really think it worked well.

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