Tea: Immortal Nectar Pu-erh

A Pu-erh Tea from Art of Tea - O Organic

Picture of Immortal Nectar Pu-erh
Brand:Art of Tea
Style:Pu-erh Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
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Product page:Immortal Nectar Pu-erh

Review of Immortal Nectar Pu-erh

7 of 104 of 54 of 577 of 100
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This is a rather rich loose-leaf shu (ripened) pu-erh. It differs from most of the loose-leaf pu-erh on the market in that it is much older than most, being a 1997 processing date, yet it's not priced in the stratosphere like so much aged pu-erh. The rough shu taste has smoothed over time and there are nice hints of camphor that you find with some aged pu-erhs, particularly arboreal pu-erh. The leaves here aren't large enough to determine if it's arboreal in nature, but the taste in unquestionable superior, particularly for the price.

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