Tea: Oliphant Estate OPA Green

A Green Tea from Upton Tea Imports

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Oliphant Estate OPA Green
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Green Tea
Region:Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
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Review of Oliphant Estate OPA Green

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I have started to see enough of a pattern that I can at least suspect that I tend to like green teas from Sri Lanka.

The dry leaves of this tea are whole and very full, slightly curled, and dark green, and a few of the leaves have a reddish tinge. The dry leaves have a tobacco-like smell.

The cup is richly aromatic...the aroma is dark, smokey, and as Upton suggests, a bit tobacco-like. But the aroma is astonishingly complex...there's delicate floral quality to the aroma, and a mellow vegetal quality in the aftertaste. This tea is fairly bitter, which is how I like it. Yet it has a sweet aftertaste as well.

I can't say enough good things about this tea! I love it! It's a very powerful tea. I've found it holds its own when consumed together with spicy food, but is also outstanding and subtle on its own. It also completely lacks the astringency that plagues some of the stronger green teas.

This tea is also outstanding for making two infusions. Brewing the first for 2 minutes or less yields a first cup that is smoky and rich, and a second that is lighter and fresher, with a suggestion of parsley and celery that is noticeably absent if you make a single, long infusion

The price on this tea is remarkably low for a green tea of this quality. People who enjoy strong, complex green teas will find this one to be a real treat, and also quite a steal!

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