Tea: Charcoal Roasted Dong Ding Oolong

An Oolong Tea from Eco-Cha

Picture of Charcoal Roasted Dong Ding Oolong
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Nantou, Taiwan
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Review of Charcoal Roasted Dong Ding Oolong

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The aroma of the dry leaves is delightfully rich, a blend of tobacco, bamboo coal, wood, earthiness, and a delightfully sweet sesame butter and honey finish. You can tell this tea was created by those who are very proficient in their art because it has the charcoal notes you expect, but they are mellow and it is not a kick to the face with a boot full of coal.

As I take my first steep you can hear me sigh with relief, well if you were in the same room as me you would hear it. The taste is mild, it starts off with creamy sesame butter and orchids with a touch of tobacco, this transitions to bamboo coal and dried fruit giving the first steep a sweet finish. The mouthfeel starts smooth and transitions to a slight dryness.

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