Tea: China Jasmine Green Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Foojoy

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Style:Jasmine Tea
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Review of China Jasmine Green Tea

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This tea reminds me of a lot of the cheap teas they serve for free at old school sit-down Chinese restaurants.

The color is faint red, green-brownish, like what you'd expect from cheap green tea. It is only mildy aromatic of jasmine, has a hint of sweetness, a smooth mouthfeel with little bitterness (when steeped properly).

It is nothing special or noteworthy in my opinion, and is quite inferior in terms of complexity compared to some other Foojoy teas I've had. However, there's a certain comforting character to it (perhaps due to nostalgia) that gets me drinking this with dinner or post-dinner.

As Alex mentioned, when steeping, I would recommend using slightly cooled water, as overly hot water will leave a very piercing bitterness.

In terms of price, this is a very cheap tea, and I bought a box of 100 bags for around $5-6.

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