Review of Darjeeling Royal Second Flush Blatt

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An excellent tea served in the cafe of the Hotel Altstadt-Engel Regensburg, Germany, with breakfast. Served in a glass teacup, which was nice because I could see the color as it was brewing.

A smooth, balanced Darjeeling. Light in color and character for a second flush, possibly even passing as 1st flush after brewing, in spite of the dark appearance to the dry leaf. Very aromatic, but aroma is less fruity than normal. Hint of wintergreen in the aroma. Pleasantly astringent and bitter, but otherwise light bodied.

Feels rather caffeinated to me.

Easily brews a second cup. Second cup is quite aromatic, but a little thinner-bodied.

Cost is comparable to typical brands (Two Leaves, Novus) offering high-quality tea in whole-leaf sachets, but I think the quality is perhaps a notch up from these.

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