Review of Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake 2013

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The dry cake smelled, to me, precisely of rich, unscented pipe tobacco—Scottish shag, or an English blend with Turkish leaf. Once brewed, the liquor is a perfect amber-honey tone, and the aroma has the sharpness of honey accompanied by a vaguely floral quality. The honey note follows into the taste of the liquor—musky, sweet, rich honey. There are other notes—citrus? nutmeg? clove? There is a definite sense of spice, though not of a peppery spice. It reminds of fall, of the contrast of cold, crisp air, and warm indoor nourishment. The aftertaste, too, is honey—aromatic, warm, ever so slightly sharp in its sweetness.

2.8g • 212°F • 6min

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