Tea: Genmai-Cha (Loose-leaf)

A Genmaicha from Yamamotoyama

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Review of Genmai-Cha (Loose-leaf)

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A good genmaicha for a low price, a great everyday tea. Dry leaf has a lot of popped rice kernels in the mix, and has a mild, pleasingly toasty aroma.

Brews up a full-bodied cup with a bold flavor, with a light bitterness, light savory (umami) presence, and slight sourness. The base tea comes through a bit in the aroma of the brewed cup, and it smells like a typical bancha. Finish is pleasantly astringent.

Like all of Yamamotoyama's loose-leaf, this stuff is inexpensive and pretty good. It's not quite as nuanced tasting as a lot of other tea companies offerings, but for a basic genmaicha, it's good and the price is unbeatable. Among other low-end genmaicha, I prefer this one to Maeda-En's, as the base tea is more evident.

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