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Served with breakfast at City Herberge, Dresden. A middle-of-the-road Darjeeling tea bag, not very complex, but recognizable as a Darjeeling, and a couple steps up from a typical black tea (definitely far ahead of Meßmer's regular black tea (Klassik), which did not impress me.

Light-bodied for a black tea, dark amber colored, medium-bodied but moderately astringent. Aroma suggests rice, a hint of the muscatel grape fruitiness, and some more generic black tea notes.

Pleasant and enjoyable.

Hard to comment on the price--looks like it's out of stock even on the German Amazon, which is the only place I know of that sells it. Looking at some out-of-date sites and comparing to other Meßmer teas I saw for sale in supermarkets, I think this is pretty reasonably priced and offers good value for a tea bag.

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