Tea: Refreshing Peppermint Infusion

A Mint Tea from Pure Tea Selection

Picture of Refreshing Peppermint Infusion
Brand:Pure Tea Selection
Style:Mint Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Refreshing Peppermint Infusion

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Served with the outstanding, high-quality breakfast at the Hotel Alt-Görlitz in Görlitz, Germany.

Although this is labelled just Peppermint (both in German and English), close reading of the ingredient list betrays that the it's a mint blend: the main ingredient is spearmint and peppermint is the second ingredient. I love the way the tea bag contains so much information, by the way--not only do they have a production date and expiration date, but they have brewing temperature, steeping time, an ingredient list, and description of the tea--both in German and English. And all the text is readable and doesn't look too cramped. It makes me realize how most tea companies are under-utilizing their space on tea bags!

At any rate, this herbal tea was very balanced...the peppermint is not overdone. I'm a tough customer when it comes to mint teas, because I grow various mints in my garden, and have years of experience growing them, harvesting them at different times of year, and blending them to suit my tastes.

This one was pretty good. It had a good balance of the two mints, with peppermint dominating but never being too much, and it had some herbaceous tones and complexity to the aroma, a quality I love.

I still would never choose to buy this, because I love the stuff from my garden so much more, but it was interesting to try, and it was definitely among the best of the commercial mint blends I've tried in a tea bag. I remain very impressed with this brand of tea.

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