Review of Formosa Oolong Spring Dragon

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Aroma is light and floral; it's almost impossible to tell where the tea ends and the lilac begins: the two fragrances blend seamlessly. This tea does have a hint of the soapy quality that I find plagues some Tung Tings, in contrast to TT86, which wasn't my favorite tea, but lacked this soapiness.

I was disappointed with this tea in that I was not able to use it for multiple infusions. Brewing for 3 minutes at 180, the second cup was bland and only weakly aromatic, even if brewed with slightly warmer water and for a long time. I settled on brewing this one a single 10-minute infusion at 190.

This yielded a more powerful tea, with more depth: it had a strong floral aroma, but much more bitterness, which I liked.

I really like this tea, but I find it expensive given that the leaves only are really good for one infusion, and you need to use a generous portion of leaf in order to get a full-bodied cup.

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