Review of Broccoli Cilantro - Savory Tea

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Just bought a mixed pack of Numi's "savory" teas, and this one does not disappoint. It tastes a bit like a well-spiced vegetable soup, without tasting salty or "brothy". At once soothing and invigorating, this is a tea (there's decaf green tea in it) that I could see myself pouring to cope with a winter cold.

As per the instructions, I brought the water to boiling and steeped the bag for 10 minutes, and it came out great--so it's quite easy to brew. I'll see how the second bag does at work.

The flavors are very well blended, so even if you're a fan of neither broccoli nor cilantro, I would still give it a try.

Heads up: When I squeezed the bag, it broke and some of its contents spilled into my tea. This didn't hurt the flavor, but I would advise treating the bags a bit delicately, especially after a long steep.

Update: Brewed up equally well at work! Yep, this one is a new favorite. :-)

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