Review of Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea

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The aroma is really sweet, it smells just like one of those vending machine danishes (I don't think I have ever had any other kind of danish actually) there is intense blueberry notes with a hint of cream cheese and a touch of yeastiness like pastry. Add a touch of malty tea and it reminds me of drinking tea and having a vending machine pastry while waiting for my train. Very specific memory there, the Pittsburgh train station to be exact.

The taste is fairly mild, a bit of malt and oak wood (like one expects from an Indian black tea) and a bit of sweet and slightly tart blueberries, much like blueberry jam. I decided to give this tea a try with some cream and sugar to see if it made any of the flavors pop, I can detect a bit of creaminess and a touch of a pastry like taste, but really this tea left me a tad bit underwhelmed. It is by no means bad, just did not knock my socks off as I had hoped. I guess the same can be said about the danishes I have had as well, maybe a real not from a vending machine danish is mild too.

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