Review of 2014 Pre-Qingming An Ji Bai Cha First Day Harvest

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(Update) The previous review I did may not have been completely fair to this tea. I brewed it slightly different this time, using a little more leaf, a little less water, and just under 3 minutes for the steep. It's a great tea actually! Very light in color, aromatic, velvety smooth, and clean/pure in flavor. It's kind of like a dragonwell but without the vegetal tones. I think the vegetal taste I got before might have been from oversteeping. It's more like a buttery sort of taste that is straight-forward but great in its own right. Major downside is the price, but it is grown organically in a remote region.

(Old Review) This was a subtle tea compared to the others I tried from Life in Teacup. Subtle does not mean bad, however. The same level of overall quality was there, it was just a milder tea than I normally prefer,

The aroma was very light, but had the character of a quality Chinese green tea. Tiny hairs from the tea leaves floated on the surface of the liquid. the color was like a shiny gold coin. The taste is light and refreshing, with some vegetal quality and a slight savoriness. Overall a very clean-tasting and drinkable tea.

I can't wait until my palate can better distinguish the subtleties of good tea like this.

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