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A Green Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Green Tea
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I feel a little bad rating this so low because it's not that bad a tea--but there are so many better options out there that I feel like I can't find any justification for rating it higher. This tea has little scent and barely any flavor, and it doesn't even have enough of a kick to justify drinking it purely for the caffeine.

Not that I'd choose Lipton either--I prefer ITO-EN or Yamamotoyama or Takaokaya or Twinings or even the mysterious tins of cheap loose leaf that I get from the grocery store, labeled only in Chinese, which never run out. Anything.

And to be fair this is definitely better than nothing, but Bigelow has much better offerings than this. They seem to do well with those sweet herbal teas that I think of as the "serve to people who hate tea" teas, and if you want to try something caffeinated their green tea with pomegranate blend is also quite sweet. And, hey, if you're a person who hates the taste of green tea and yet still maintain some sort of masochistic commitment to drinking it, this might be just the tea for you!

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