Tea: Blueberry Wild Child

A Fruit (Herbal) Tea from Tiesta Tea

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Brand:Tiesta Tea
Style:Fruit (Herbal) Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Blueberry Wild Child

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I’m kind of glad I caved to Tiesta’s 50% off Black Friday sale, because now I have a bunch of fruity tisanes to drink in the evening when I want something caffeine-free. (You should have been here when I opened the bubble envelope and it was like a crazy blast of fruity scents! Even with all the teas sealed in their own bags. Ok, I just stuck my nose in the envelope and it’s still really fruity in there after a week. Amazing.)

Anyway, I liked this! The dry tisane and the scent as it brews are both very blueberry-ish. It brews up a lovely reddish colour from the hibiscus, but the tartness is balanced out with the sweetness of the dried fruits and the richness of the blueberry flavour. It reminds me of cooked blueberries – like the inside of a blueberry pie, but without all the sugar.

Probably should be avoided if you hate hibiscus completely, but if you’re a fan of slightly tart fruity/berry tisanes I recommend giving this one a try.

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