Tea: Orthodox STGFOP

An Assam from Ghograjan Tea Estate

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Brand:Ghograjan Tea Estate
Region:Assam, India
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Review of Orthodox STGFOP

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Singular among Assams, in its smoothness and unusual vegetal characters.

Dry leaf is not very aromatic, having a faint aroma of malt and fruit, but looks beautifully formed, with intact wiry, twisted leaf with golden tips.

Upon brewing, becomes pleasantly aromatic. Aroma is highly vegetal among Assam teas, reminiscent a little of high-grade Darjeelings, but with a rich malty aroma. The cup is thin-bodied relative to the richness of the aroma, but I do find there's a pleasant tannic undertone that adds some depth.

Flavor is sweet, surprisingly so, almost tastes like some oolongs do, as if honey had been added to the cup.

The overall character of this cup is more like some of the higher-quality Kenyan teas I've tried, than it is like other Assams. Tastes a lot more like high-grown teas, with the lighter body and fewer tannic qualities.

Easily brews 2 or 3 cups from the same set of leaves. The second cup retains the vegetal character, and I find a hint of deep notes of bitter chocolate or cocoa come out more in the 2nd and/or 3rd cup.

Overall, a superb tea. My only concern was the thinness or lightness of body, which might be a little disappointing. I found that the other flavors of this tea became too strong for me, when I was able to brew it full-bodied enough to be to my liking. I enjoyed this the most when I was in the mood for a lighter cup.

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