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A strong black tea of very good quality for a very reasonable price. In spite of the "English Aristocratic" name, I think this tea has more of a Russian flavor aesthetic: bold, strong, and intensely fruity. I really enjoy the large-leaf Ceylon OPA teas. My favorite is Ahmad Tea's, and I think I still like that one a little better, but this one is completely different.

Produces a surprisingly clear cup, with a potent and complex aroma. The aroma is very fruity and spicy. The fruitiness different from the fruity aromas I most frequently encounter in black tea. I'd describe it as resembling apple or cherry more than anything else. The spice reminds me of black pepper and perhaps ginger. There's perhaps a bit of roast in the aroma, but a complete absence of malty or cocoa notes that I often associate with OPA grades of Ceylon teas.

Relatively high astringency, much more than I expect for such a clear cup. In spite of the astringency and dark color, this tea seems rather light-bodied.

I prefer all tea straight, but this tea does handle milk very well and would be a good choice if you drink your tea that way.

Enjoyable, and very reasonably priced (under $10 for a pound). I am still loyal to Ahmad Tea for Ceylon OPA in this price range. But this is another example of a tea that I think offers very solid quality for a reasonable price, and I'd recommend trying it if you like this type of tea, as it has a very different aromatic profile from other teas of this sort.

I also love the packaging...the little window at the top that displays the leaf shape is brilliant, and I wonder why more tea companies don't do this. I also appreciate the packing date and expiration date printed on the bottom of the tin--this stuff is of key importance.

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