Review of Earl Greyer Decaf

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Sampled in a Panera bread in suburban Delaware. Worth trying, but I wouldn't get it again; I tend not to like decaf teas, and I thought this was towards the lower end of decaf teas I've tried.

The tea bag sinks to the bottom of the cup and requires stirring to mix up the flavor. Pleasantly aromatic, and smell like a typical Earl Grey, although the black tea aroma is weaker than normal--but that's what I'd expect from a decaf.

I found this tea to be slightly harsh. There's quite a bit of astringency, and there's a sort of peppery quality that I found unpleasant.

Republic of Tea, although it's not my favorite company, has better herbal teas. They even have an Earl Greyer Red Tea, which I haven't tried, but having tried some of their other red teas, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'd like it a lot more than this one.

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