Tea: Hot Cinnamon Spice

A Flavored Black Tea from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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First, the smell of this is incredibly divine. It’s like Red Hot candies or fireballs. My friend and I took it to have others smell it and they all said the same thing. I don’t think you could – no matter what you put in it – make anything smell more cinnamony than this.

This is the first full cinnamon tea I’ve had and I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s like hot flavored water/cinnamon. I dig adding the cloves in there to enhance but I keep tasting them too, cloves are pretty potent things and I’m not sure if they ended up taking away from the experience a little or not. I do wish I could taste more “tea” though with it, I think it would have enhanced it. Also, I couldn’t detect orange undertones. Could smell them, but not taste.

It’s not something you could drink much of in one sitting I don’t think, one cup is enough, it’s pretty strong. I think I prefer Cinnamon heavy chai mixes over straight cinnamon, but this is a winner if cinnamon is your thing, and it is mine. I’m totally obsessed with cinnamon this year – tea foods, breads, cakes, lattes, and of course TEAS!

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