Tea: Wah (Spring) Kangra Black Tea

A Black Tea from Teabox

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Style:Black Tea
Region:Himachal Pradesh, India
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Review of Wah (Spring) Kangra Black Tea

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A very unusual tea. It has a lot of green in it, and brews and tastes to me more like a green tea than a black, as the other reviewer mentioned. It also has a small unpleasant bitterness. I think the next time I brew it, I will make it like a green tea with a lower temperature.

The smell is vegetal and aromatic. The taste is grassy, vegetal, and earthy. I like it, I just don’t like bitter aftertaste, so will have to experiment with it and do another tasting note. Ordered more than a sample of this, so will have to experiment with it in different ways.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on January 12th, 2015

This one looks utterly fascinating to me. I have yet to try any teas from the Kangra region--they're not exactly widely available--and I'd be curious what they taste like.

I also am fascinated by "black teas" that are on the green side, i.e. that dry out during processing, like Darjeeling first flush, leading to that characteristic green color and distinct aroma.

Did this one taste at all like a Darjeeling first flush to you, or was it entirely different? I'm seriously tempted to order some samples from Teabox (even though more tea is absolutely NOT what I need right now, my apartment is overflowing with tea samples), just so I can try this particular tea.

Lupiressmoon wrote:
on January 13th, 2015

I'm not the biggest Darjeeling fan either but the bitterness reminded me slightly of that. It's a very unusual tea - I will add another comment/note when I brew it lower like for a green tea.

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