Tea: Lime Marshmallow

A Flavored White Tea from Butiki Teas - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Lime Marshmallow
Brand:Butiki Teas
Style:Flavored White Tea
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Review of Lime Marshmallow

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Dry leaf: Lime Jell-o to a T. a hint of fresh heavy cream.

Liquor color: Just like the photograph, light yellow-green

Leaves: Dry - large grey-green flat leaves. Wet - spring green with a silky sheen

Notes: Blimey, this is limey! The dry nose smelled so very much like the lime jell-o I ate in waves as a kid. Sipping on the tea brought jiggly, wiggly cubes of fluorescent green to my mind. I think I steeped it at a too low temperature, not much was able to be gotten from the first brew, aside from overwhelming lime. The second time I steeped it I got a much more mellow lime flavor with a creamy hint towards the end. The tea is quite sweet in it's own right, I dare not add anything more. It brings back memories of 'frog eye' salad my mom used to make. It was a strange concoction of cool whip, a dry packet of lime jell-o, and cottage cheese. Sounds like absolute trash to me now, but I ate it by the mouthful as a child.

Even so this nostalgia-inducing beverage is a bit startling to me. Whether or not that is a good thing, I will never know.

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