Review of Jungpana Premium Darjeeling Black Tea Autumn Flush (Organic)

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Excellent! Probably the maltiest Darjeeling tea I've ever tried, yet smoother and without the tannic edge of an Assam. Otherwise, typical for an autumnal flush.

Dry leaf has a rich, caramelly aroma, fruit, malty for a Darjeeling, and suggesting sweetness.

Upon brewing produces a cup with a rich fruity aroma, somewhere between raisins and fresh grapes, and caramel notes. The flavor is very rounded: there's not much bite up front, but it's bold, slightly bitter, in a soft way, and with considerable sweetness.

I tried brewing both weakly and strongly and there wasn't much of a difference--this tea tastes more or less the same, just slightly stronger or weaker.

Very pleasant, especially in winter when I don't want to drink the lighter Darjeelings quite as much. The price is good, and I see it's gone on sale and is even a better buy than normal, while it's still in stock.

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