Review of Giddapahar Muscatel Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush

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A very pleasant tea, quite dark for a Darjeeling, and with a pleasant astringency.

The dry leaf is dark and smells fruity, suggesting sweetness, and also very malty.

Brews up a dark cup, even for a second-flush Darjeeling. Aroma is strongly fruity. For having the name Muscatel though, this tea isn't among the teas I've sampled with the strongest muscat aroma. It's also malty for a Darjeeling, and there's an edgy quality, a pleasant astringency, hinting at the sharpness of an Assam but more muted.

Most of the other teas from Golden Tips I found tasted best when hot, but I found that this one tasted better as it cooled a bit. I'm not going to try this, because it's winter, but I can see this one making an outstanding iced tea.

Easily makes two infusions, three if you can handle a bit of a weaker, thinner cup. I preferred using a little more leaf than I normally would, more than one teaspoon per cup, and brewing one 3-minute cup, followed by a second, very long steep.

Good price too for a tea of this quality! This would be a contender for one of my favorite Darjeeling second flush teas of all time.

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