Review of Pomelo Delight Black Tea

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An intriguing tea that was unique, yet very easy to brew and drink!

The leaf looks more like a moderate-roast oolong than a black tea, both before and after steeping. It has an interesting aroma, very pleasant. Normally, citrus-flavored teas are blended with the fruit itself, zest from the peel, or extracts from the fruit or peel, but this one, like jasmine tea, is scented by layering of the blossoms with the leaf. Appropriately, it is a little bit more like other floral-scented teas, like jasmine, osmanthus, or rose, than like citrus-flavored teas.

Upon brewing, produces a cup with a unique fragrance, but one that blends very well with the tea. Tastes a lot like grain or hot cereal, but with a hint of a floral quality. For being scented with the flowers, not fruit, peel, or leaves, the tea still smells a bit citrusy.

Pomelo is similar to grapefruit, and I wrote a blog post some time ago about how grapefruit has a peculiar way of blunting or muting the flavor of most teas. I notice this same muted character in this blend: it's very soft tasting, completely unlike any other black tea I've tried. The aromas blend together seamlessly; I can't tell what where the tea leaf ends and pomelo blossom fragrance begins.

Resteeps fairly well. If you want a mellow cup (this is a pretty mellow tea) you can get three steeps, but I usually settled on two stronger ones. Either way, this is an easy tea to brew.

I can see this tea having a very wide appeal too. If you order from Health & Tea I recommend picking this one up too; it's something new and different, yet very easy to enjoy.

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