Tea: Darjeeling

A Darjeeling Black Tea from Ridgways - F Fair Trade

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Style:Darjeeling Black Tea
Region:Darjeeling, India
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Review of Darjeeling

6 of 102 of 53 of 557 of 100

An edgy Darjeeling that was enjoyable, but not the best quality, even for a tea bag.

Brews a beautiful, golden-amber cup that is very clear. Medium- to light-bodied, but with a bold flavor. The aroma is fruity, but more lemony and less like the typical muscatel grape quality I associate with Darjeeling. There's also a skunky, herbaceous note which I can't decide if I like or not.

Moderate astringency, above average for a Darjeeling.

I recommend a short steeping (1-2 minutes); this one acquires an unpleasant bitterness if steeped too long. It can be deceptively harsh relatively to the light color of the cup.

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