Review of Organic Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat®

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I found an old container of this tea at a house I visited. Considering that it was probably quite old, it was surprisingly good.

The lemon flavor is present, smooth, and somewhat muted. There is a grassy undertone that I assume is the echinacea. And there is just a hint of licorice, which adds sweetness without being obnoxious. All in all, a surprisingly well executed blend. Though I would note that it's best to drink relatively hot; the flavors loses oomph as it cools.

I actually currently have a sore throat. The warmth, flavor, and aroma are indeed soothing. I am opposed to unfounded claims of medical assistance and, therefore, don't buy "wellness" teas. It might be that this stuff works or it may be that warmth and pleasantry coupled with the power of suggestion are exerting their influence. It's beyond annoying that we cannot know the truth because herbal teas refuse to support proper FDA testing (ie. repeated double-blind, placebo-controlled studies) of their products. Ugh, pet peeve. I took off a point of the overall score because I think they should avoid health claims or get them properly tested.

Anyway, the tea is nice--certainly worth a shot.

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