Review of Bond Street English Breakfast Blend

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A classic, prototypical English Breakfast tea of average quality. Goes well with milk and probably better suited to people who (unlike me) drink their tea with milk.

A CTC (broken, mechanically-processed) tea; the dry leaf isn't terribly aromatic, but has a pleasant slightly malty aroma.

Produces a very dark cup that is very strong. Classic British Character. Although this is a very potent cup, there is something slightly restrained or subdued about it. Boldly bitter, but tastes as if the corners of the tea have been ever-so-slightly rounded. Slightly peppery finish.

Aromas of malt and spice. Flavor is also significantly sour and savory. There's more harshness, particularly more astringency than I'd like. I tried steeping less time, only 1 minute, out of curiosity, and this yielded a smoother cup, but the aroma was weaker and the tea was a bit boring.

I don't normally drink tea with milk, but I felt like I had to try this with milk, as it seemed like the type of tea that would taste perfect this way--and I was right. The harshness is slightly muted but both the malty and spicy aromas shine through, and the result is pleasant and still strong.

I tried resteeping, but the results were poor; this tea is truly a one-hit wonder.

Not unpleasant to drink, but I wouldn't buy this one. Ahmad Tea sells loose-leaf black teas that are cheaper, and that I like better, and Upton has a myriad of offerings I'd prefer, in a similar price range.

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