Review of Jade Oolong (Four Seasons Spring)

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Outstanding. Probably the best Four Seasons oolong I've ever tried. Rishi consistently impresses me with their oolongs! Thank you to Kelsey for letting me brew this from your sample.

The dry leaf is a beautiful green color, very tightly rolled, and has a strong aroma suggesting shortbread cookies and a hint of spice.

Very soft, smooth flavor once brewed. Aroma is intensely floral, like lilac and possibly orchid. There's a faint hint of roast, just a light toastiness. Naturally sweet. Very clean finish. Incredibly pleasant to drink.

The second infusion tastes even sweeter, a little richer, slightly less floral, and the vegetal tones shift slightly towards pungent herbaceous ones, but are similar.

The third infusion, which I steeped for a long time, tastes even yet sweeter and mellower. Although it's less aromatic overall, there's a unique minty note in the aroma too. I find it remarkable how this tea retains its smoothness even with a very long steep.

I probably could have steeped a fourth time but I had had enough tea. This is an outstanding tea. The price is pretty reasonable too, especially given how easily this tea resteeps.

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