Review of Scottish Breakfast Blend

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This was an absolutely delightful tea that was definitely my favorite blend from Upton and one of my favorites among all black tea blends. The perfect balance of strength and smoothness.

Dry leaf is finely broken but has a very pleasant aroma, and quite complex. There are notes of malt and fruit, especially the fruity qualities I normally find in Assam, and there are also woody notes.

Brews up a beautiful, thick reddish-brown cup that I find very comforting to drink. Very bold up-front, full-bodied, a little bitter and astringent, but I find it mellows out mid-sip. Very warming. Just as I'd expect from a Scottish blend, there's a slightly hint of smokiness, only a bit.

One thing I didn't like about this tea, it is best enjoyed when hot, and I found it much less enjoyable once it had cooled. With that one caveat though, I thought it was still all-around excellent.

The price is also exceptionally reasonable.

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