Review of Blackwood Estate Organic Green

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An excellent green tea of top quality, definitely among the best green teas I've sampled to come out of Sri Lanka.

This was my second Ceylon green tea that I tried from Blackwood Estate; the first was from Simpson & Vail. It was certainly recognizably similar to the other tea. I liked this one slightly better; it was less sour than I remember the other tea being, but it was also slightly more expensive, so perhaps it's a higher grade.

The dry leaf, consistint of a beautiful collection of wiry yellow-green leaves, has a unique and pleasing fragrance that I find hard to describe. It is fairly vegetal and also fruity, reminding me of some sort of light fruit preserves. It suggests a deep sort of sweetness.

Upon brewing, takes on a much more grassy aroma. As I sip it, vegetal notes emerge. A lot like a Chinese green tea, but more vegetal, and tasting a bit darker.

Very pleasant to drink, and slightly oolong-like, especially as I drink more of the cup, but still have an overall character of a pan-fired green tea, but smoother.

Resteeps very well for a green tea. Also, not at all picky about brewing temperature. I used boiling water and the cup came out just a smooth as with 180F water. I didn't much difference in flavor or aroma, as a function of brewing temperature; if I had to pick, I'd say I prefer brewing with boiling water.

This is tending towards the pricier side, but I think it's well worth the price, as a nuanced tea with a smoothness that parallels other teas in this price range. The ease of brewing is also a big plus, and the organic certification is also something I appreciate.

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