Tea: Green Tea Tropical

A Flavored Green Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea

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Brand:Mighty Leaf Tea
Style:Flavored Green Tea
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A few years back my wife was in the hospital for a 12 days stretch, and I was there with her to watch and wait. I didn't have a lot of creature comforts at that time, but I did have some matches of Green Tea Tropical. Without a way to get hot water (I wasn't one to ask for things or venture far from the room at the time), I brewed this in a water bottle over and over throughout the day with cold tap, one bag per day until it ran out. It probably sounds awful, but it wasn't. The tea held up to all those cold-water brewings and still had enough flavor to overpower the tap. I'll never be able to separate this tea from that experience, so I thought I'd share.

For me there's more floral than fruit to this tea, and the underlying green is good, if a bit weak. I can see how some might get sick of the strong'ish fruity flavor, but it's better iced and weak. If you have a few bags left and you weren't so sure about this tea after trying it hot, iced is also nice.

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