Review of Diyi Cornfields Shu Tuocha

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Well Verdant Tea has become my go to place to order almost all my tea now. Really just great quality and sourcing, and fair prices.

Anyway, I found this tea so special that I had to resurrect my account here and write a review for it!

As you probably know, shu-puerh's are post-fermented, which results in a smoother taste and heavier body. They're what I would think of "dessert teas". That being said, I don't drink them often because they're so heavy and rich. This tea though...As the name says, it has a corn flavor. This comes from corn husks being compressed with the tea. The result is a balancing that turns the tea into an all-situations drinkable. I found myself craving it pretty much all day after the first time I tried it. The whole experience of smell and taste with this tea is very comforting.

Try some :)

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